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Cancer is a growth of abnormal cells that are beyond control in the body.
There are various kinds of cancer classified into different types; classification is based on the type of cells affected.

Tumors created are the form of damaged cells by cancer that turn into masses of tissue, which can interfere with body nervous, digestive and circulatory system with dire effects, even causing abnormality in other body functions. Tumors critical in nature are called malignant which are potentially more dangerous and should be treated at earliest, Tumors that remain fixed on spot with limited growth are called “benign” which can be removed surgically.

There are five categories used to classify the cancer.

  1. Adenomas
    Adenoma is benign tumor which can grow into a malignant if not treated over time. This type of tumor grows from glandular tissues that include adrenal and pituitary gland, thyroid and prostate.

  2. Carcinomas
    Carcinomas are more common type of tumor that begin in the internal or external part of tissues or skin, such as breast, lung and colon etc.

  3. Leukemias
    Leukemia begins in the bone marrow and even builds up in bloodstream.

  4. Lymphomas
    Lymph nodes and immune system is affected by this type of cancer.

  5. Sarcomas
    Sarcoma develops in the bone, cartilage, fat, body muscles and other supporting tissues.