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Gulf Coast Cancer and Diagnostic Center (GCCDC) provide comprehensive surgical treatment. Our highly professional and experienced team of surgical team at GCCDC provides their distinguished services. GCCDC surgical oncology provides complete surgical treatment for malignant diseases. Multidisciplinary coordination is our most important section in coordinating Patient care and treatment with other Medical Specialists.

Surgical Treatment Overview

  1. Patient is referred by respective oncologist or physician for evaluation
  2. Treatment Plan is determined after biopsy / Pathology results. If treatment Plan includes surgery, Patient pre-operative evaluation is conducted by our Medical team.
  3. After pre-operative evaluation our surgical team guide and facilitate the Patient through this stage of treatment. Also our team of highly expert Physicians explore the opportunity for minimally invasive surgery.
  4. Surgery is performed to remove the tumor growth and asses the spread of cancer cells.
  5. Our expert oncologists examine the pathology after results received from surgery.
  6. Multidisciplinary board at GCCDC examines the all reports and decides the further treatment plan which may include Chemotherapy, radiation or clinical trial treatments if required.