Phone For Appointments Call: 713-474-1414
Location: 12811 Beamer Rd, Houston, TX 77089, United States

To make an appointment at GCCDC or to answer your questions, Please call us at 713-474-1414.

  • Scheduling is done electronically; once the orders are approved we schedule the patient’s appointment straightaway, or within 24 hours.
  • Once appointment is scheduled, patient is asked if there are any preparations required for the procedure need to be performed.
  • If the appointment is scheduled in the next few days, we call the patient a day earlier for the reminder of appointment.
  • For some reason if the patient cannot make for an appointment we reschedule his/her appointment

Our highly trained Patient Care representatives are waiting for your assistance and guidance. Following Information and documents are required when you call or visit us for an appointment.

  • Insurance Information (Insurance Card/Insurer Information etc)
  • Primary Health Care Physician Information (Name, Address, Contact details etc)
  • Medical History
  • Other Supportive Information (Family members’ health care history with known disease diagnosis and treatment)