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Consulting with another Physician or Specialist for their view on your diagnosis or treatment Plan is termed as Second Opinion.

Benefits of Second Opinion

  1. Diagnosis Confirmation
  2. Selecting the best treatment Plan
  3. Personal satisfaction

Disadvantages of Second Opinion

  1. Treatment Delays
  2. Travelling to another hospital or locations
  3. Hearing diagnosis again which may increase your sorrows

How to get a Second Opinion

After deciding to consult another Physician for second opinion, Please contact us and we will help you to find an appropriate consultant. We may refer you to another hospital or clinic from where you can ask for second opinion; it is obvious that another Private Physician will have Private consultation costs. Your current doctor at GCCDC may send your diagnostic or treatment results to another Physician as your Medical health history.

For further information Please contact our Patient advice representatives at 713-474-1414.